Paris Beyond the Image


I was inspired to do this project by the W. Eugene Smith exhibit of Pittsburgh photographs at the Carnegie Museum of Pittsburgh and a photo essay book I found by Joel Sternfeld called On This Site – Landscape in Memoriam. It is a collection of photographs of typical-looking places in the United States.

Linked to each image is the story of a violent event related to that place. Sternfeld linked the images and stories to make an unforgettable statement. I tried to do the same in my Parisian photo essay. I researched Parisian history for places where significant acts of violence occurred and then photographed them. This photo essay is the result. What I learned from Sternfeld’s book and from my own experiences and what I hope to convey, is that violence does not always leave a permanent visual scar and that it is impossible to know and understand a place just by its facade, no matter how striking it is.

Jordan Gadd
Pittsburgh, PA 2002
jordan at egadd dot org


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