Financial Health Begins with Your First Reality Check-Up!

“Discover the Best Places to Invest in Real Estate Today. A Proven Step-by-Step System That Can Help You, Like Hundreds of Others, Become a Real Estate Investor Today. Let Me Hold Your Hand and Help You Invest in Properties Under Fair Market Value, with Built in Equity, Below Replacement Cost, in Growing Booming Areas.”

There are currently 78 million baby boomers, born between 1946 and 1964. The baby boomer generation is knocking on retirement’s door, but with only an estimated retirement savings of $50,000 per person. Even if you don’t live in Southern California like me, unless you live in the woods, hunt, and grow your own food, $50,000 won’t take you very far into retirement. It’s so sad but millions of our generation will be working so much longer, into their golden years, because they have to, not because they want to.

Nowadays it’s very scary if you’re counting on social security or a pension plan, that hopefully will be there, when its time to retire.

The RICH Have Their Money Work for Them… YOU Can Too!

If you’re familiar with the Robert T. Kiyosaki’s Books, the Rich Dad Poor Dad series, you’re familiar with the concepts that the poor and middle class work very hard for their money, while the rich have their money work hard for them. Most of us work 100% for our money, earned income, and the goal is to slowly transform that percentage until we get to the point that we make enough passive income, so our passive income covers 100% of our expenses and gives us the lifestyle that we want and deserve.

For most of us, unless you’re a professional athlete, entertainer, or extremely highly paid executive, this is a slow progression over time. You go from the point of you earning 100% of your income from your job or business, to 100% of your income from your investments. It’s creating investments that will provide you with passive income, over time, so you have the ability to do What you Want, When You Want, Where You Want, With Whom You Want, For the Rest of Your Life.

That’s different for all of us. Maybe you want to travel the world. Maybe it’s giving to your favorite charity or starting a foundation. Maybe it’s generational wealth and leaving a legacy for your kids and grand kids. For me, Financial Health Managment is having the ability to spend a lot more time with my children.

Real Estate Is Your Prescription for Financial Health!

Although some people have made it big in the stock market, for most of us, unless you have a lot of money to begin with, Real Estate is the best option for Financial Health and attaining passive income. Why, the tax benefits are great, but mostly because of leverage. Using leverage with OPM, other people’s money, allows the average person to become a real estate investor.

Isn’t it great that we can go up to a banker, and say “Hi, I’d like to become partners. I’ll put up 10% of the money, you put up 90%, I want all the tax benefits as well as all the appreciation,” and the banker says “Yes.”

But where do you start? What if the prices around where you live are ridiculously expensive and the numbers make no sense whatsoever. Do you not buy? Do you wait years, maybe never having the chance to buy real estate for investment purposes? What if you’re busy at your job, in your career, with your family, or running your business, and you don’t have the time or energy to learn all you need to know about real estate markets across the country?

So what do you do? Simple. You reach out to an expert to guide you. Someone to hold your hand; someone who’s bought, for himself and others just like you, hundreds of investment properties in many different states. Someone who’s spent tens of thousand of dollars and thousands of hours learning everything he could about real estate investing so you don’t have to. Someone who’s helped coach and mentor hundreds of people just like you with acquiring investment properties.